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Behind the Curtain
of Oz –––––

We're not into offering the typical three different packages because an intimate elopement on the North Shore near Lutsen with just family is a bit different than a big ol' banger in your backyard, so we're gonna lay everything out for you nice and chaotic-like, sparing no deets!

Hourly Coverage –––––

We cover anything from 6 hours up to 10 hours, but the sweet spot is 8 to 9.

Here's the breakdown:

6 hours // $750

8 hours // $1000

10 hours // $1250

*Raw footage and an Instagram or social media teaser is included with your booking.

Film Options

Our film options range from 3 to 5 minute films that give you and your family a quick sneak peek into your entire day, up to an entire documentary-style film which can range from 15 to 45 minutes long depending what you have planned. *Packages start at $1,750.

The Breakdown:

  • 3 minute wedding film // $1000

  • 5 minute wedding film // $1100

  • 6 minute wedding film plus vows // $1400

  • separate speech/toast edit // $400

  • documentary wedding film // $1600

1. Three Minute Wedding Film

 - A three minute wedding film is perfect for those who aren't interested including their vows into their wedding, and are more interested in a visual highlight of sorts to share with friends and family.

2. Five Minute Wedding Film

 - A five minute wedding film is best for those who have chosen 8 hours of coverage or more, and would like to keep their vows out of their wedding film. This is similar to the three minute wedding film, but more minutes of fame for you and your guests. This is my preferred length of film, as I feel it doesn't leave anything out. 

3. Six Minute Wedding Film + Vows

 - This film is perfect for those who want the visual impact of a highlight film, but enhanced with your personally written vows. 

4. Documentary Wedding Film

 - This is absolutely, one hundred percent my favorite way to deliver a final wedding film. This is for you if you'd like to watch through your entire day all at once like a movie. It'll have you getting ready, your first look, your vows, your first kiss, the first dances, toasts, and everything in between. If I could tell people what to choose, I would tell them to choose this plus 8 to 10 hours of coverage.


*And remember, you get raw footage and an Instagram or social media teaser of your entire day with any kind of coverage, so you won't be missing a single thing. 

A La Carte

If you're looking for anything else, we can pretty much guarantee you will find it here. And if you don't, please reach out and we will make it happen!

Drone Coverage // $300

Day Before or After Session // $150

Additional Videographer // $300 - $500 (depending on coverage chosen)

Day After Edits //

What is this?

This means I will edit your entire wedding film the day after I shoot it, as long as I don't have another wedding booked. The pricing for this varies due to the length of films:

Three to Five Minute Length Films // $150

Six Minute Film plus Vows // $300

Documentary Wedding Film // $450

*It takes us approximately 8 to 12 weeks to finish a wedding film, so if for any reason you'd like it before 12 weeks, we highly recommend a day-after edit.

Destination/Elopement Weddings?

*We book these at the price of travel and accommodation for two videographers. And you kind of get anything you want. :) 

Other FAQs:

1. If your wedding is more than one hour outside of Minneapolis, there is a travel fee of $40 per traveling hour.

2. If your wedding is more than two hours outside of Minneapolis, I will ask for accommodation for either the night of the wedding, or the night before and night-of, depending how far away your venue is located. 

3. To reserve your date, 50% is due at the signing of the agreement, with the balance due one month prior to your wedding date. 


There are so many different combinations for you to choose from. If you need help deciding, please reach out and schedule a quick phone call with one of us -- we're very happy to help you create something perfectly customized.